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  • Date : Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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Australia Sunset Safaris

Australian Sunset Safaris offers great tours to Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef that  will leave you in awe of the numerous wonders this island has. It has more than 100 freshwater lakes, rainforests, coloured sands, unique flora, wonderful animal life and that is only the beginning of what you will see. For the exploration of the Great Barrier Reef, did you know the Reef starts this far south? The town of 1770, best kept secret along with the magnificent coral cay of Musgrave Island!

Often visited by tourists from across the world, The Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island are two of the world's most popular destinations for an adventure holiday tour you will never forget. Sunset Safaris has put together so you have the opportunity to experience these natural wonders for yourself.


  • Imagine exploring Fraser Island's pristine beaches and mysterious rainforest tracks
  • Imagine being in the middle of a rainforest, swimming in a beautiful freshwater lake, with sparkling clear waters and white sandy floor
  • Imagine lying on a white sandy beach sunbathing, while you watch dolphins playing in the ocean nearby


  • Picture yourself high above the Rainforest floor in a lush Sub-Tropical Rainforest - at one with Nature
  • Picture yourself 4WDing across a sun burnt Australian land in search of wild Kangaroos
  • Picture yourself exploring a Glow Worm Cave in the middle of a dark mysterious Rainforest, with a waterfall plunging through the roof of the cave above.

Source : http://www.sunsetsafaris.com.au/

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