• Wednesday, April 04, 2018 on Special Interests


Festival of light, music and ideas in its 10th year of the year in 2018! Experience the 

city's tumultuous atmosphere as it is transformed by stunning light and color for 23 

nights from 25 May to 16 June.Explore the surroundings on foot and discover a large

number of light projections and sculptures around city landmarks such as Sydney 

Harbour, Royal Botanic Garden and even Taronga Zoo!

Harbour Lights can be enjoyed at its best by following the Vivid Cruise - a ship with 

a changing light from the installation in the stunning waters of Sydney Harbor. Choose

one of the many participating operators to feel it from a different perspective and be 

part of the miracle. As the lights illuminate the night sky, do not forget to see live music 

programs from Vivid Music all over the city too!



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